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AUTHOR: Eleonora De Lennart

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At the heart of this book is the breakthrough discovery that two different digestions exist for proteins... one for the good proteins; another for bad proteins. The BioChemical A&B Method® is based on this foundation, creating the perfect match between food chemistry and body chemistry, sustaining healthy weight, fighting and overcoming illnesses, as well as beating the "yo-yo" effect (that weakens the immune system) and bolsters general overall good health. With the BioChemical A&B Method® you can eat anything and everything including good proteins and "Neutrals" 24/7. Even a bad protein, which in fact, is the cause of many health problems. Bad proteins, when not eaten chemically right, create toxins in the body that lead to conditions such as acid reflux, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney and liver diseases, and the host of other ills that cause chronic pain.

De Lennart's remedy is in matching food chemistry and body chemistry, according to the A&B Charts® she developed over many years of research with internationally renowned biochemists and food chemists. The A&B Charts®, arranged into three unique categories - "A", "Neutral" (can be eaten 24/7) and "B" divide foods according to the type of digestive process necessary for breaking down good proteins, bad proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The BioChemical A&B Method® teaches how to eat even unhealthy food in a way that they will not harm your BioChemical Machine...You can happily drink your beer and enjoy every food that is out there. It's just a matter of learning how to handle the two different type of digestion for protein. And even if you eat chemically "wrong" for a couple of days... who cares? You have control over your body forever by just going back to the BioChemical A&B Method®

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The new A&B BioChemical Method® in Eleonora De Lennart's book is a work of genius, as well as being scientifically sound. De Lennart worked with physicians, professors, and scientists. We tried the A&B BioChemical Method® with great success. - Petra The Book is Flying off the Shelf, story in Blue Stone Press. Cindy Reid, Community Relation Manager of Barnes & Nobles said: The book is flying off the shelf. Hopefully you didn't get sick as well. Because the EXERCISE magazine (December issue) is out TOMORROW, and we checked and didn't find ANYTHING about BIG APPLE VISION PUBLISHING or, or Big Apple Vision or Big Apple Vision Books, etc. in connection to t he $5 DOLLAR MENUS FOR TWO (which is extremely important because of the Exercise for Men, as you know.) anywhere. Same thing with keywords biochemistr, biochemical, bodychemistry and all the keywords we discussed and which I sent. BIG APPLE VISION PUBLISHING is nowhere to find--by contrast to Bookworld! 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